High School / College Mentorship Program

The 2024 application is now open!
Application Deadline: August 1, 2024

Announcing the 2024 GWC High School-College Virtual Mentorship Program!
This program is designed for young women and non-binary musicians ages 16-22 (or high school junior through undergraduate senior) with little to no conducting experience. The program will serve as an introductory survey of conducting and music leadership skills and topics ranging from conducting technique basics to career and resume building, repertoire programming and rehearsal techniques to building confidence.
The program will take place on Zoom once a month from August-November 2024 and January-April 2025 from 8:00-9:30 PM Eastern Standard or Daylight Savings Time.

The structure will consist of 30 minute discussions with host mentors Kaitlin Bove and Tanya Chanphanitpornkit and 60 minute special topic activities with rotating guest mentors. The program will accept 36 mentees, all of whom will receive a full scholarship to participate.

While attendance at each session is mandatory, absences can be excused in the event of emergencies or other major unavoidable conflicts.

Gain valuable knowledge and expertise

Introduction to Conducting

Overview of conducting techniques and introduction to various large ensembles

Core Knowledge

Score study, programming, and rehearsal strategies

Career Development

Building and reviewing resumes, professional branding, auditions, and interviewing


The HS/College Mentorship Program is designed for beginners and conducting students with limited experience who may be pursuing a career that includes conducting, or who simply have an interest in learning more about the craft.

Our annual program consists of a 3-week virtual seminar in March and April. Topics include: introduction to conducting, vocal/instrumental ensemble overview, score study, concert programming, rehearsal strategy, building confidence, and career & resume development.