A Symposium for Women Conductors

June 4-6, 2021 Virtual Conference
Call for Submissions

The call for submissions is now closed.

Conducting Careers: Diverse Pathway to the Podium is the first conference hosted by Girls Who Conduct designed to bring together conductors, musicians, industry leaders, DEI advocates, and researchers and practitioners in order to generate dialogue about and raise awareness of the diverse pathways to a conducting career, with an emphasis on gender parity and inclusion. The Conference explores the many facets of conducting training and career through a range of disciplines including musicology, ethnomusicology, music education, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, and sociology. 


Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for talks (15 minutes + 10 minutes for Q&A), or posters (3-page slides + 7-minute lightening presentation – ideal for undergraduate and masters student research) on the following and other topics related to conducting, with an emphasis of the Conference overarching theme of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

– Critical approaches to pedagogy and mentorship

– Leadership, power and authority

– Verbal and non-verbal communication

– Critical views on repertoire and programming

– Enterprise, responsibility and accountability

– The rehearsal and performance process

– Students, amateurs and professionals

– Historical views

– Gender

– Race

– Aesthetics of conducting

– Health and wellbeing

– Views from the podium

– Movement and gesture


Conductors are invited to submit recordings of virtual or live performances to be featured during two concert presentations on Friday and Saturday evening (suggested length 5-7 minutes, maximum 15 minutes). The ensemble should be a group the submitter directs. Performances should have been recorded not earlier than 2018. Selected performances will be chosen to be featured in one of two one-hour virtual concerts. Submissions of performances of works by underrepresented composers are encouraged.


The Conducting Symposium: Hot Seat Edition will be a virtual session on the Saturday of the Symposium, June 5, 2021. Time: TBD. 

Videos of the selected conductors will be reviewed and commented on by a 3-person panel in a live virtual session, as if evaluated by a review/search committee. Please submit a completed application form (attached, PDF and Word doc) and a YouTube link to a 2-minute video of the director conducting an ensemble, face-to-camera. Submissions can feature orchestra, choir, band, or conducted chamber ensembles.


Conductors are invited to submit proposals for presentation on implementing technology in ensemble rehearsal / performance during and post-pandemic at the Technology Adoption Panel Discussion. Priority will be given to presentations that discuss post-pandemic integration of the technology into ensemble / conducting. (15 minutes + 30 minute group Q&A)


Please fill out the submission form (click for link) with the following materials:

  • Talk, Technology Presentation, Poster: A 200-word abstract and 200-word biography
  • Performance Showcase: A 200-word program note, 200-word biography for the   ensemble and the director, and the Youtube link to the proposed performance
  • Conducting Symposium: Hot Seat Edition: Application form and a YouTube link to a 2-minute video of the director conducting an ensemble, face-to-camera. Submissions can feature orchestra, choir, band, or chamber ensembles.

Deadline for the receipt of abstracts or videos is Friday April 30, 2021. Notification of acceptance will be sent by May 15th. All presenters have the choice of including their presentation abstracts in the conference proceeding.

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