Scholarly Presentation I


Dr. Chaowen Ting (Georgia Institute of Technology; Founder, Girls Who Conduct)

Come hear conductors, musicians, industry leaders, DEI advocates, and researchers and practitioners in order to generate dialogue about and raise awareness of the diverse pathways to a conducting career, with an emphasis on gender parity and inclusion. The Conference explores the many facets of conducting training and career through a range of disciplines including musicology, ethnomusicology, music education, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, and sociology.



Perpetuating Boy-Sopranohood: A Unique Form of Discrimination in Choir
Sarah Kaufold (Artistic Director of Consonare Choral Community)


Crowdfunding and Commissioning
Dr. Carrie Blosser and Ashley Killam (Diversify the Stand )


Occupational Segregation: Shared Experiences among Queer Conductors
Dr. Thomas Dickey [he/him/his] (Director of Orchestral Studies, Oklahoma State University)
Effect of Conductor Gender on Musical Performance Assessments
Dr. Julia Baumanis (Assistant Director of Bands, Rutgers University)


See A Need – Create an Opportunity
Ingrid Martin (Founder, Conducting Artistry)


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